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L'Etoile du Nord Kennel

"When nothing but the best is good enough"



What is the Sable Gene (Ay)? It is a gene that causes a specific coat pattern. This is the coat pattern you see in Collies. It is black hairs intermixed with orange hairs, such as the black fringe you see on a Collies ears. Why is this a problem? It is a coat pattern that is  NOT naturally existing in ANY Gun Dog Breed! It was accidentally introduced. No one is sure when or where. The French after extensive research decided to BAN it in our breed, as it was not naturally occurring.


The problem is, it can be masked by breeding only Orange and White to Orange and White. At this point a dog can carry the Ay gene, and not show it. All this does is HIDE the problem and make the problem of dogs having the gene worse. With an inexpensive DNA test you can find out if your dog carries the gene, and then make a reasoned and intelligent decision whether to breed the dog or not , and to whom.


Here at L'Etoile du Nord Kennels, we DO NOT condone the practice of hiding the issue. We DNA test ALL of our dogs to see if they carry the gene. We have NO dogs that carry the gene, and have the test results to back up what we say.

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