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L'Etoile du Nord Kennel

"When nothing but the best is good enough"


Vern is a dog that not only has done it all, but has led the way. He is arguably the most famous Epagneul Breton in U.S.history. Many people have told me , that he is the dog that insipered them to start competing in the field. He was the 1st dog of any breed to recieve an "Open" class title in UKC Field Trials. He was also the 1st dog to achieve each title in Open Class; "Trialer", he 1st and only dog to recieve Champion Trialer", as UKC eliminated that title when they institituted a new higher title, afetr Vern recieved the title of "Champion of the Field" The new Title was "Grand Champion of the Field", Which once again Vern was the 1st dog to recieve that title. Vern is also a "Master Hunter" in AKC. He has also recieved placements in AKC Walking Field Trials and Horseback Field Trials. He has also placed in NSTRA Field Trials. Vern has also traveled to France to compete in the Field, where he recieved a "Tres Bon 3" "Excellant", "Excellant 2" , and the recieved a "C.A.C.T." when he won a braced trial, becoming perhaps the 1st US bred and trained dog to recieve a C.A.C.T.. In France to run braced, a dog has to be a Champion, so Vern bested dogs that were all Champions in France.


Vern is also a "Grand Champion" in the Show Ring in UKC. The day Vern completed that title, he also went on to become "Best in Show" beating ALL breeds of dogs that were there that day. He is one of very few Epagneul Bretons to ever be Best in Show.


Vern has sired in the neighborhood of 55+ litters, which is around 330+ puppies. Vern has produced more titled dogs than any other Epagneul Breton, to include 2 "Grand Champiopns of the Field". To say that Vern is a proven reproducer is a serious understatemnet!


As well Vern has a great temperment. He is an absolute joy to be around, and makes me laugh with his antics. He is very affectionate, and has well deserved place, sleeping in bed most nights.


Vern has proven over and over, that he is well deserving of his reputation!!

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