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L'Etoile du Nord Kennel

"When nothing but the best is good enough"


After genetics, training is what sets dogs apart. A well trained dog is a joy to both watch and hunt with.

A good training foundation is the key to your dogs success in the field. L'Etoile du Nord Kennels offers a variety of training programs, all of which will be tailored to your dogs needs.



Starter School

This is where all your dogs future training begins. The dogs are introduced to birds in a non stressful environment and prey drive is developed. The dogs are run in all kinds of different cover and learn to be bold and confident in the field. They run with older dogs, who are experienced hunters gaining confidence and learning from them. Your dog is introduced to gun fire, starting with a blank gun and patiently working their way up to shotgun fire.They start learning to come when called and and walking at heel. This level of training is recommended typically for younger dogs 6 months to a year, but can certainly be taught to older dogs that never had the training.



Staunch dog Program

This is where the more serious training begins, Your dog continues to work on what s/he has already learned, but Birds start to become the primary focus. Your dog will learn to come reliably to voice and whistle commands. They will heel both on lead and off.They will learn to point and be staunch until the bird is flushed. At the end of training this is a dog that you can hunt over.This is intended for dogs at least a year old.



Broke Dog Program

Here is where the polish is being put on your dog. S/he is steadied to flush or shot depending on your needs. Your dog learns to "Honor" other dogs that are on point. This is a dog your friends will be envious of.

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