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My philosophy at L'Etoile du Nord Kennel, is that first and foremost these are hunting dogs! All my dogs hunt extensively. The primary consideration I was looking for when I moved from the Minneapolis metro area, was to be in a place that provided excellent hunting opportunities. I am, as I describe it to people, "In the middle of nowhere". My closest neighbor is a mile away, and I am surrounded by cropland and CRP. Hunting opportunities are abundant, with Sharp-tail Grouse, Hungarian Partridge and Pheasants available for the dogs to hunt.



The dogs have hunted in tall cover, wheat stubble, thick woods, cattail sloughs, high plains and mountains.



I have shot, over points, Pheasants, Sharp-tail Grouse, Ruffed Grouse, Woodcock, Hungarian Partridge, Bob White Quail and Blue Grouse, for the dogs. My goal this year is to shoot a Sage Grouse.


Here are a few pictures from some of my hunting trips

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