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L'Etoile du Nord Kennel

"When nothing but the best is good enough"


Darius is in a word a "bull". He is a powerful dog that attacks the field. He loves to hunt and has just one speed,"all out". At the same time he knows and wants to be part of the hunting team. Darius will check in, either by giving you a glance as he passes by, or stopping 100 yards out, looking at you, asking "Am I doing what you want me to Boss".


Darius is a 2 time Trialer in UKC Field competition. Judges consistently comment on his hunting ability. At the CEB-US National Event, on of the Judges from France, when reading out the list of dogs he was to judge, called out Darius's name, looked up at me and said "The great dog Darius".


Darius is also an excellent example of the breed conformationally. He is a "Champion" in the Show  Ring. He is a classically marked tri-color.


Darius has a great temperament. I tell people his personality is that of the "Class Clown". His antics keep me laughing. If I am sitting on the sofa, he will jump up from behind it, walk across the back like a mountain goat, and sit with his haunches on the sofa and his feet on my shoulder, as if he is a parrot!


In September 2013. Gun Dog Magazine did on French Brittany's. Darius as was chosen to have a full page picture to lead off the article!!

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